Control Rod Samurai 4 is now available on Bandcamp! (English)

Ready for some awesome SAMURAI techno!?


The newest album of Control Rod Samurai (CRS) series is out! CRS4 features the well-known Japanese DJ&Composer KAZUHIRO ABO a.k.a The Kindergarten DJ. He is famous for his legendary "house music gig" at a kindergarten in Japan.

This outstanding event surprised the world with the way how small children reacted to 4-on-the-floor night club dance beat. Surprisingly they loved it. They looked confused at first, but soon they started to dance, acted just like adults would do. I personally think this is an interesting subject for researchers on fields of music psychology, sociology, and so on. Kazuhiro's new work Yan-lee is a house tune, features the indigenous and spiritual vocals from one Japanese island. It's a powerful piece. Don't miss it!

CRS4 is available on Bandcamp. There are eleven Japan-Influenced electronic music tunes. You can listen to the full length song, and purchase song(s) or the full album with different choices of audio formats, such as mp3, wav, and flac. (Yes, this is why I love Bandcamp so much!)
Control Rod Samurai 4 @ Bandcamp

Of course, works from other composers are also outstanding. Let me introduce them all. I promise I will make it short. It's better to listen to the songs than reading my blah blah blah. :-p

DJ zetu - funky&groovy minimal house music, extremely DJ friendly. / TuKuRu - nice and catchy drunken Samurai techno. / sbharuharu - minimalistic tune with a beautiful texture written on Korg M01. / Simonger Mobile - cheerful and happy funk tune with funny vocal&chorus that makes you sing too. / Akinori Nemoto - fast tempo hardcore tune with tasty acid noises. / kowaoto - experimental, violent, aggressive chaos of acid and the ultra heavy kick drum. / CardiacTrance - Buddhism techno or whatever with digitally processed chanting and samples of recorded real religious instruments. / Von Nohrfeldt, Dutch artist, The song is extremely experimental, featuring ancient Japanese music Gagaku. / [yakan] - down tempo, beautiful, chaotic, and violent tune with his special modular synth set. / X-traX - classic Dutch uplifting style trance tune with a hint of Japanese traditional music.

GUNI-GUNI-BO / Simonger Mobile
Lyrics(Japanese) and Roman letter version is available.

mahā gañjā svāhā / CardiacTrance
Lyrics(Japanese), Roman letter version and English translation available.

About Control Rod Samurai Project:

"Control Rod Samurai" is a media-mix project. As a part of it, we released "Control Rod Samurai Haku The Movie Original Soundtrack", the series of Japanese electronic music compilation CD albums, based on an imaginary Samurai film. All the songs have to feature something Japanese, such as Japanese traditional instruments, musical scales, rhythm patterns, words, etc.

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制御棒侍4 オンライン配信開始!(日本語)



『制御棒侍』シリーズ最新作『映画「制御棒侍」オリジナルサウンドトラック4』のオンラインデジタル配信がBandcampにて開始されました!今回参加の超豪華ゲストであるアボカズヒロ氏のオリエンタルなHOUSEチューン『ヤンレー』は既に、かの有名なDJ Yummy氏の四つ打ちフリーク直球なラジオ番組『VINYL HOUSE』でCDリリース前に先行発表(!)され、現場(クラブ)でも既にガッツリお客さんを盛り上げているので、耳にしている方も結構おられると思います。


制御棒侍4 / Bandcamp


DJ zetu
サイモンガー・モバイル (Simonger Mobile)
Akinori Nemoto
怖音 (kowaoto)
Von Nohrfeldt

スピリチュアルなオリエンタルハウスから始まり、ファンキーミニマルハウス、酔いどれ和テクノ、KORG M01をこじらせた摩訶不思議トラック、和テイスト爆笑ファンク、アシッド突っ走る高速ビート、歪みフリーク専用変態ハードコア、お経テクノ、変態雅楽ノイズ、美麗モジュラーサウンド、哀愁和風トランス…などなど今回も幕の内弁当状態!

Bandcampでの購入は、クレジットカードでも行けますが、paypalアカウントを持っていればもっと簡単!驚くほど簡単!それでも英語にビビッてしまう方には、うちの気配り忍者DJ zetu a.k.a バスタブ忍者の作成したBandcampかんたんお買い物マニュアルをご参照あれ!

DJ zetuのファンキーミニマルな新譜『ElectroNINJAck EP』もよろしくね☆

ぐにぐに棒 / サイモンガー・モバイル』には歌詞とローマ字読みが掲載されています。ウィットの効きまくったアダルトな歌詞には思わず大爆笑。今すぐみんなで叫ぼう!和テイスト!!和テイスト!!!

梵 - mahā gañjā svāhā - / CardiacTrance』 には歌詞とローマ字読み、及び英訳が掲載されています。CardiacTranceが制御棒侍シリーズに書き下ろす曲は歌詞がヤバいと相場が決まっているのですが今回は更にヤバさ全開でお送りいたします。タイトルを見ただけで何がどうヤバいのか意味が分かった場合、あなたがヤヴァいです。

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CT+X "Particles" iTunes Store他でも配信開始!

先にBandcampで配信が開始されていたCT+Xの1stアルバム『Particles』が、iTunes Store, Amazon MP3, RouteNote Direct, Rdio, Xbox Music, YouTube, GooglePlay, eMusic, Spotify, Deezerの合計11の音楽ダウンロードサービスやラジオ系サービスで配信されております。

Yotsuchi Recordsとしては価格が安く、用途に合わせて様々な音質でダウンロードが可能なBandcampを断然お勧めいたします。Paypalアカウントを持っていれば簡単ですので、是非。

CT+X "Particles" is now available at total of 11 stores! iTunes Store, Amazon MP3, RouteNote Direct, Bandcamp, Rdio, Xbox Music, YouTube, GooglePlay, eMusic, Spotify, Deezer.
The price, audio format, and sound quality vary by the stores.
I highly recommend you to purchase from Bandcamp because simply it is the cheapest choise, and you can choose different audio file formats like mp3, wav, flac, etc. If you have a Paypal account, it will be super quick & easy.

Funky Factory - CT+X
[iTunes] Funky Factory - CT+X

Electric Purple - CT+X
[iTunes] Electric Purple - CT+X

Longinuslanze - CT+X
[iTunes] Longinuslanze - CT+X

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『春のM01でナイスジャスコ!』配信開始!/Supermarket M01 Spring 2014 Released!


KORG M01(M01D)でスーパーマーケットのBGMを作って楽しんじゃおう!で大好評の無料配信デジタルコンピ企画『M01でナイスジャスコ!』の第二弾『春のM01でナイスジャスコ!』がリリースされました!今回も王道ジャスコテックからイージーリスニング系、ウタモノなどバラエティ豊かな『ナイスジャスコ』楽曲が大集合!9人のアーティストによる13曲を収録。今週末は身体も心もスーパーマーケットに『フラッシュバック・ジャスコ!!』


↑こちらから無料でダウンロードできます。FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!


About "Supermarket M01"
Series of digital compilation albums with songs sounds just like the Japanese supermarket background music. All the songs are composed with KORG M01 (or M01D) because the sound engine is similar with whatever being used to compose the "supermarket music". Enjoy the awesome, cheerful, cheesy (in a good way), funny, cute, and relaxing songs from 9 great artists!
The album is free to download. :-)

1st album is here. Also free to download. :-)
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